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Liverpool class lifeboats

Single screw Liverpool class lifeboats
Twin screw Liverpool class lifeboats

Single screw Liverpool class lifeboat

'Foresters Centenary' at Sheringham where she can be seen today

 Introduced in the early 1930's, the single screw Liverpool class lifeboat was one of the first proper carriage launched motor lifeboats. They weren't self righting but were extremely stable, even at a 90 degree list. They were based upon the Liverpool class pulling and sailing type lifeboat, which had excellent sea handling qualities. Light enough to be launched over a carriage, which had to be pulled across sand, they were still powerful enough to be relatively fast for the time. They were very popular at stations where they served and many had distinguished service records. 'Foresters Centenary', which served at Sheringham, was known as the 'Airman's Lifeboat' during World War Two as she reputedly rescued more downed airman than any other lifeboat.
 The Liverpool class lifeboat was designed to be carriage launched, and so had to be light. They weighed only eight tons, light for a motor lifeboat and bear in mind that one ton of this was the keel which made it extremely stable in the water. They could carry up to thirty passengers with ease in heavy seas in safety, and although they were non-self righting they were stable even at a 90 degree list, which would capsize most boats.
 Below is an uncompleted list of single screw Liverpool class lifeboats, if anyone can help me fill in any details or missing lifeboats you are more than welcome to.

Single screw Liverpool        
Name Station Served from/till Notes Where is she now?
Nellie and Charlie Anstruther 1933-1950    
Foresters Centenary Sheringham 1936-1961 Known as 'Airman's lifeboat' Sheringham, in museum
The Cuttle Filey 1940-1953    
Jose Neville Caister 1941-1964    
Harriot Dixon Cromer 1934-1964    
W.R.A Seahouses 1936-1954    
Elizabeth and Albina Whitley Flamborough 1934-1948    
Howard D St Helier 1935-1948 Served under German occupation  
Howard D Flamborough 1948-1953    
Howard D Arbroath 1953-1955 Replaced 'Robert Lindsay'  
Lucy Lavers Aldeburgh 1940-1958 Was number 2 lifeboat Being restored
Joseph Braithwaite Maryport 1934-1939    
George and Elizabeth Gow        

'Foresters Centenary' - courtesy of Sheringham Lifeboat

'Howard D' - courtesy of Flamborough Lifeboat

'Harriot Dixon' - number two lifeboat at Cromer for many years

'The Cuttle' - Courtesy of Filey Lifeboat

Robert Langham 2005