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Liverpool class lifeboats


Single screw Liverpool class lifeboats
Twin screw Liverpool class lifeboats

Here are some links to some good lifeboat related websites. If you want your website on this page, just e-mail me at

Lifeboats 24-7 - Good website about the modern RNLI, with photos and information on all classes currently in service. Also good gallery and information on the other emergency services
Lifeboats forum - Excellent forum for anyone interested in Lifeboats and the Coastguard, free and very quick to register. Now has a chatroom as well
Flamborough Lifeboat Station - Located on the North East coast of England, this station had several Liverpools permanently based there and several more on relief duty
Sheringham Lifeboat Station - On the North Norfolk coast, this station has three of it's ex-Lifeboats on display in the local museum and another ex-fishermans lifeboat nearby making it unique in the world. Among the collection is 'Foresters Centenary' a single screw Liverpool class lifeboat

RNLI Homepage - Speaks for itself really, information on the emergency service (it's a charity, all the money comes from the public like me and you) with a map of all the stations and a listing of the types of lifeboats presently used
RNLI SOS (Save Our Soles) day website - This year, 2005, the RNLI is holding a national appeal day, a bit like Red Nose Day. Worth a look around, and see if theres anything you can do to help the RNLI

Robert Langham 2005